Huber Engineered Woods, manufacturer of ZIP System building enclosure products, announced the expansion of its line of ZIP System sealing solutions and enhanced flashing tape performance, at the International Builders’ Show this week. The ZIP System brand is known for transforming structural exteriors as the creators of integrated sheathing that eliminates the need for housewrap and felt in wall and roof assemblies. The engineered-wood systems streamline installation with built-in air and water-resistive barriers and even exterior continuous insulation in its variety of integrated sheathing lines. As a reflection of its commitment to innovation for better building products and practices, Huber Engineered Woods announced the immediate availability of six new ZIP System flashing and stretch tapes.

ZIP System sealing solutions now include five ZIP System stretch tape options and five ZIP System flashing (straight) tapes. While developing tape options for new widths and lengths, the company reports it enhanced tape formula to provide even stronger performance in a broader range of temperatures.

“While builders and framers may not notice much of a visual difference to our flashing tapes, with this formula enhancement we now warrant application of ZIP System tapes down to 0-degree Fahrenheit,” said ZIP System product director, Allen Sealock.

ZIP System sealing solutions also include ZIP System liquid flash – a fluid-applied flashing alternative to ZIP System flashing and stretch tape.

All ZIP System tapes:
• Are backed by 180-Day Exposure Guarantee and a 30-Year Limited Warranty
• Feature a split-liner for easy application, on tapes 6 inches or wider
• Can be applied between 0 degrees and 120 degrees Fahrenheit

“True to Huber Engineered Woods’ innovation philosophy, these new products are a direct result of customer requests,” said David Wescott, product director of accessories at Huber. “They have also been put through the rigorous R&D process our customers expect from our products.”

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