V2 Composites, Inc. will celebrate 20 years in business Jan. 1, 2019, marking a significant milestone for the niche manufacturing company that offers fiber reinforced composite materials and structural reinforcement solutions for infrastructure repair.

V2 has grown significantly in the last two decades in terms of the company’s size and also the products it offers. Initially, V2 began as a manufacturer of high-quality composite reinforcement solutions for use in the development of products such as boats, high-end yachts and wind turbines and to repair or rehabilitate existing structures like bridges, utility poles, cooling towers and underground pipes.

In response to customer demands and market changes, V2 has expanded its product line beyond those original offerings to include high-performance roofing scrim; patented V-Lock no fray stitching; tubular, infusion, and paving fabrics; patented CFRP T-Biscuits for structural concrete repair, and ICC-ES certified concrete repair systems among other specialized products for its customers.

The vision for V2 Composites began with a dream to build a company to manufacture unique, high-quality composite reinforcement solutions for niche-market customers while also creating a culture around employees singularly focused on working for the customer. Kevin Horne, the company's founder and president, and his employees, have never lost sight of that original vision.

“Celebrating 20 years in business is a huge achievement for all of us at V2,” Horne said. “We're not only proud of the innovative products and solutions we’ve developed over these last two decades, but of the customers we’ve helped and the projects we’ve been a part of. It’s really humbling to see a product we created and manufactured literally give a product its shape.”

V2 plans to mark the anniversary with a celebration for employees at its Auburn manufacturing facility and also by highlighting tenured employees throughout the year.