Jotun, leading supplier of paints and coatings, is launching Green Building Solutions (GBS) - the easiest way to design, specify, beautify and protect buildings worldwide with green building products.

Jotun offer an online green building guide, making the specification process as easy as possible. This includes an easily accessible overview of all the green products, guide specifications along with all the needed documentation (including Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) where available).

For a building to reach ‘certified’ level according to Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) v4 certification - a key industry green building standard - paints and coatings in Jotun’s GBS product range can be used to contribute up to 27% of the required points. At Platinum level, using paints and coatings from Jotun can contribute up to 14% of the 80 points required.

Green Building Solutions provides a single global source for customers looking for an easy way to increase points for green building standards, including LEED and BREEAM.

Green Building Solutions provides paints and coatings across a full range of building needs – with specification support for the planning stage and global availability for construction stage – including architectural powder coatings; anti-carbonation coatings for concrete; decorative paints; floor coatings; intumescent coatings for cellulosic fire protection and protective coatings.

These different products work together to make it simple to attain LEED certification, aided by the vast number of EPDs that Jotun provides for its Green Building Solutions products.

Henriette Eggen, Jotun’s global marketing manager infrastructure, said: “Paints and coatings represent such a small percentage of a building’s cost – yet the impact they can have on achieving rating points is outstanding. We are delighted to launch our Green Building Solutions and the online Green Building Guide to customers in this growing green building industry.

“We have worked hard to ensure we are able to provide the most efficient type of EPDs for our customers worldwide: third-party verified Product-specific Type III EPDs. This ensures our customers get the most points value from their paints and coatings possible, all from one supplier.

“We are proud to be a trusted partner and source of paints and coatings in the global construction industry, whether it be residential or public, industrial or civic buildings. Our Green Building Solutions help to ensure a successful green building throughout its life cycle.”

Jotun’s GBS is available from today. For more information, visit