The American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA) announced the creation of the new Field Test Agency (FTA) Accreditation Program that credentials independent field testing agencies to support AAMA members, the fenestration industry, building owners and their agents. The Program also validates that these field test agencies are capable of testing fenestration products in the field utilizing the field test methods included in AAMA performance standards.

"Air and water testing of installed windows, doors, skylights and commercial glazing is at an all-time high. Working with a qualified provider of these services is critical to the business of many fenestration manufacturers. The purpose of the FTA Accreditation Program is to demonstrate the competence of laboratories and field test agencies providing field testing services to the fenestration industry," says Jason Seals, AAMA Certification Manager.

Field test agencies may be accredited for any of the field test methods included in relevant performance standards and all field test methods developed and maintained by AAMA. Requirements of the program are detailed in the procedural guide, AAMA LAP-3, "Laboratory Accreditation Program Operations Manual - Laboratories and Test Agencies Performing Onsite Testing of Fenestration Products."

Periodic proficiency testing, equipment and proficiency inspections, and an on-going requirement for maintenance and use of a Quality Management System (QMS) are required under the program. These three elements comprise the primary features upon which accreditation is maintained.

More information about AAMA and its activities can be found on the AAMA website.