Dow Building & Construction (DB&C), a business unit of The Dow Chemical Company, introduced a new formulation of GREAT STUFF PRO Window & Door Insulating Foam Sealant in Canada. This newly enhanced, low-pressure-build air sealing solution delivers a higher yield per ounce of foam for window and door installation. This sealant is designed to ensure an air-tight seal around windows and doors to help keep air, pests, and moisture out, creating improved home comfort and energy efficiency.

The new and improved GREAT STUFF PRO Window & Door Foam Sealant helps to prevent unwanted drafts and repels water. The pliability of the foam sealant allows for the user to essentially mold the sealant back into the gap if slightly overfilled, eliminating the work of cutting and trimming.

To the benefit of Canadian customers working in a variety of climates, the foam is proven not to delaminate or break the air seal when properly applied in temperatures from 5-37 degrees Celsuis. This minimal expansion foam solution is not prone to shrinking throughout the curing process. Customers can enjoy a foam sealant that doesn’t bow window or door frames as the chemistry of the sealant promises the lowest foaming pressure one-component spray foam.

Exemplary of the higher yield that is expected, the 20-ounce gun-applied formula will air seal 16-18 average-sized windows. Additionally, this gun-applied formulation features precision application, no-drip dispensing and is restartable up to 30 days.

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