Oval Brand Fire Products, the innovation leader in low-profile fire extinguishers, and ARCOM, the leader in specifications, are pleased to announce that Oval Brand Fire Products product data and customized specifications are available through ARCOM’s software platforms to architects, engineers and design professionals.
ARCOM and Oval Brand Fire Products have worked together to create customized versions of the industry-trusted MasterSpec sections to accurately specify Oval Brand’s unique products. Along with these specification sections, Oval Brand’s product catalog, BIM files, and data sheets are easily accessible to specifiers when working on their projects.
“We believe that we have solved a number of problems that have been associated with fire extinguishers for many years and we are very excited to introduce this line of slender fire extinguishers now that we have UL and ULC listings for our first three models,” said Kevin Kozlowski, president of Oval Brand Fire Products. “We’ve intelligently designed these models to be as beautiful as they are practical and our hope is that these extinguishers help architects, engineers, and the building trades construct better, safer, and more efficient buildings for the people that rely on them. Working together with ARCOM has increased the awareness and credibility of our brand, plus it has made the specification process much easier for designers, stakeholders, and our customers.”
ARCOM and Oval Brand Fire Products believe this relationship will benefit all design professionals as they select and specify fire extinguishers which always comply with ADA & IFC protruding object requirements, and fully recessed extinguisher cabinets which fit into standard depth walls.