Building on a reputation of manufacturing innovative waterproofing products, W. R. MEADOWS is now introducing AIR-SHIELD TMP. A single component, vapor permeable, thin film liquid membrane for both new construction and retrofit applications, it is specifically formulated to act as an air and liquid moisture barrier when applied to most common surfaces.

“With the popularity of vapor permeable membranes increasing across the United States and Canada, AIR-SHIELD TMP provides a thin film option for air and moisture control,” said Russ Snow, W. R. MEADOWS Product Group Manager. “I think most people will like AIR-SHIELD TMP for its versatility. It’s a water-based air/liquid moisture barrier that cures and forms a tough and seamless elastomeric membrane. The bonus is it can be applied to nearly any surface and integrated into many wall systems.”

AIR-SHIELD TMP is also flexible, providing the transmission of moisture vapor through porous building materials and bridging cracks, which could form in the substrate. Applied in liquid form, it produces excellent adhesion and simplifies detailing with a seamless membrane when applied to rough or smooth surfaces. User friendly and UV resistant, it can be left exposed for up to six months. With low VOC content, it can be applied at air and surface temperatures of 20F and higher. AIR-SHIELD TMP is available in five-gallon pails or 55-gallon drums.

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