MBCI’s Retro-R panel has received statewide Florida approval by the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation as FL21121 for roof applications. The certificate of product approval can be accessed via the Florida Building Code Information System.

Retro-R is an exposed-fastened panel with rib spacing 12 inches on center, a rib height of 1-1/16 inches, and minimum slope of ½:12. It has been approved as a minimum 26-gauge panel installed over an existing minimum 29-gauge PBR panel. It includes a Drip Stop membrane to prevent rust from the old roof from transferring to the new panel.

This unique panel allows the existing roof to stay in place during installation, saving on labor costs while minimizing the chance for water entry into the building, reducing interruptions to building operations and providing a safer working environment. Existing roof-top equipment, vents or light transmitting panels can all be accommodated by the Retro-R system.

For more information on Retro-R, visit our product page or download the product brochure.