Whether in his native Princeton or in far away Macau, the architect Joshua Zinder has steadily expanded his global practice to make greener, more sustainable buildings a reality. His full-service interiors-and-architecture firm, JZA+D, promotes efficient and healthy solutions for every client.

Leaders in green building are taking notice. This year, JZA+D has earned a number of honors for sustainable solutions, including mayoral recognition yesterday for its participation in the New Jersey Sustainable Business Registry, and a commendation last week from the business group GOtham Green, adding to a number of project and firm awards.

A frequent speaker on topics related to sustainable building — including indoor environmental quality (IEQ), adaptive reuse of existing buildings, and high-efficiency facility operations and maintenance — Zinder is known for practicing what he preaches. In this way, JZA+D has become a model for other small and midsize firms that prioritize environmentally friendly practices and healthy workplaces. The firm’s recent honors for green buildings include:

  • Gotham Green Award from GOtham GREEN, an organization of professionals in the greater Metro New York region from various industries. The group, which "seeks to connect and promote sustainable business opportunities, practices and relationships,” gives the award to recognize professionals and organizations that have contributed significantly to green, sustainable business initiatives, programs, buildings, and nonprofit groups.
  • Award of Recognition from elected municipal leaders. Last night, Mayor Liz Lempert of Princeton, New Jersey, joined the city council to present JZA+D with an award for the firm's leadership as a participant in the New Jersey Sustainable Business Registry. The award recognizes businesses that demonstrate "a commitment to proactive approaches to environmental management."