The eighth edition of the Build Earth Live (BEL) series has announced the seven winning teams for this year’s Hyperloop competition. This edition challenged teams to collaborate across borders and time zones within a 48-hour time frame by using BIM technology to design Hyperloop termini connecting Dubai and Fujairah. As headline sponsor of the event, global design and BIM software developer Vectorworks Inc. congratulated the winning teams that rose to the top. The winning teams were among 65 participating teams made up of 250 participants from 29 countries. Other sponsors include the Dubai Future Foundation, Hyperloop One and Dubai’s Road and Transport Authority.
After the seven teams were narrowed down as finalists, two representatives from each team traveled to Dubai to present their projects to a live audience and judges panel. Finalists included team members from the United Arab Emirates, Egypt, United Kingdom, Northern Ireland, Brazil, Japan, the Dominican Republic, the United States, France, Ukraine, Poland, Germany and Canada.

Team Mobius was deemed the overall winner for the event, followed by team BIM Unlimited taking home the Best Multi-Disciplinary BIM & Use of Interoperability award. Additional award accolades included team HyperNova and Future Architect’s, who both won a Discretionary award, team BIM Fusion’s BIM for Sustainability or Constructability award, team rLoop’s Best use of BIM for Design, Drama and Excitement award and team Hyper Poland’s BIM for Innovation award. Winning team members include:
Mobius: Paola Arellano Ardón, Ileana Constantinescu, Ewlina Oskroba, Simone Colucci, Livia Lastrucci, Hyun-Ju Lee, Davide Andriola, Virgil Prezeau, Araz Chury, Xavier Differdange, Paul André Jouvin, Mathilde Bottois, Clément Leroux, Ibrahima GAYE, Carlos Kemadjou Sanga, Clément Benko, Xavier Sanchez Incera, Vladana Blatnik Darras, Louis-Marie Borione, Michael Quixtner, Fabrizio Di Leta, Eric LOTHE, Yann BOUISSOU, Maxime Beaumann, Gilles Schenfele, Ioan-Claudiu Gherasin, Mourad Ghazi, Roberto D'Arienzo, José Gonzalez, Mohammed Salah, Max Gagnaire and Romain Taillard.
BIM Unlimited: Alfredo Cuello, David Oliveira, Gregory Fortune, Hideaki Yoshida, Ibsen García, Jonathan Reeves, Karube Tatsuya, Kimura Takeshi, Martyn Horne, Prudsamon Kammasorn, Ramdel Guerrero, Rubén Fontana, Ryota Shintomi, Sami Patel, Takuya Nagata, Taniguchi KeiIchiro, Yasin Idris, Yosuke Horiuchi, Yosuke Horiuchi, Yukina Ohishi, Irina Angulo, Mari Pily Nuñez, Leopoldo Recio, José Miguel Tavares, Wouter Vandebergh and Rodrigo Couto.
HyperNova: Ahmed Moawad Mohamed Mabrouk, Ahmed Salah AbdulRahman Kotb, Essam Omar Ali Azizeldeen, Mohamed Mahmoud Mohamed Donia and Samar AbdelFattah.
Future Architects: ABDALRAHMAN KAMAL Shaheen, Ahmed Nabeel Sadeq, Mohammed Akasha Farah, Mohammed Salah and Yaser Amar Alabdaly.
BIM Fusion: Chris Millar, John Hughes, Ken Geary, Marc Tracey, Mark McKane, Melanie Dawson, Niali Murphy, Shervin Yousefzadeh and Victoria Cheevers.
rLoop: Arpad Lorberer, Brent Lessard, Clarence Akagu, Dante Bertana, Edward Chan, Ilyas Vali, Michael Caudill, Rebecca Zhuo and Ruairidh Mallows.
Hyper Poland: Andrzej Jakubowski, Arkadiusz Mackiewicz, Asem Zabin, Daniel Sierocki, Edyta Kowalski, Katarzyna Foljanty, Krzysztof Tabiszewski, Larry Kearns, Lukasz Mielczarek, Mateusz Przystal, Sebastian Wilomski, Szymon Karas, Thomas Boyster and Tomasz Smol.
“We’re incredibly honored to sponsor a BIM competition with a true multidisciplinary approach at its core,” said Jeremy Powell, director of product marketing at Vectorworks. “The Build Earth Live Hyperloop competition this year had fantastic results from all the teams, and showcased a series of entries that demonstrated the great possibilities that exist when design teams collaborate with several fantastic software programs in an openBIM workflow.”

Organized by Asite, the annual competition exists to raise awareness of cloud-based working, international developments in interoperability, as well as how new technology is revolutionizing construction. In past years, the winning designs were never more than models. This year’s edition was unique, as the United Arab Emirate (UAE) government is planning to build Hyperloop infrastructure in the near future, so one of the winning designs might be built. If built, the travel time between Dubai and Fujairah would be reduced to less than 10 minutes.
“The Build Earth Live Hyperloop competition has exceeded all expectations. With thanks to His Excellency Saif Al Aleeli, CEO of Dubai Future Foundation backing the 8th edition of the competition, we received phenomenal international attention and team registrations,” said Tony Ryan, CEO of Asite. “In short, the response was off the Richter scale. The results speak for themselves.”