We've gotten a facelift... Again!

I’m sure most of you haven’t failed to notice the big change. Architectural Roofing & Waterproofing/WC Architect is now Building Enclosure! Last year we attempted to change our name; but this time we’re here to stay. Just think of us as a Hilton changing to a Hyatt—our outside has gotten a re-vamp—but our inside remains the same.

Our publication is still dedicated to providing our audience with the high-quality content, valuable education opportunities and latest industry news you’ve become accustomed to. Building Enclosure remains as a technical online resource for the building envelope professional.

We’re excited to re-launch (again) as Building Enclosure and we hope you’re excited too.

Always up to something...

We’re super excited whenever we can visit projects right in our own backyard! This past spring, our Editor, Lindsay Lewis, and our Associate Publisher, Liz Obloy, got to take a trip to the Detroit Zoo to see the new Polk Penguin Conservation Center.

It was awesome to get a personalized tour of this new state-of-the-art building, and to be able to talk with all of the companies involved in bringing it to fruition. We even got to chat with some of the zookeepers!

We always write about projects like this, but it’s truly so much fun to be able to visit and connect with them. Check out the rest of this project and all the awesome details on page 26, and our CEU article that showcases the center on page 30.

Back in May, Building Enclosure attended AIA 2016 where we learned that we are the number one provider of CEUs to the industry! Not only that, but BNP Media offers more AIA LUs than the second and third providers combined!

We’re proud to be your trusted technical resource for design and education. Thank you for all of your continued support!