New SA-APP KoolCap and SA-APP KoolCap FR modified bitumen roofing membranes from Mule-Hide Products Co. deliver the safety and ease of self-adhering application, long-term performance and durability, and the benefits of a “cool roof.” Complementing the membranes is the new SA-APP KoolCap Touch-Up Kit for treating lap areas, details and repairs.

The membranes are highly reflective, self-adhering, granular-surfaced cap sheets manufactured using a patented dual-compound technology in which a “true” APP polymer modified asphalt compound is applied to the top, weathering side and a proprietary adhesive formulation is applied to the bottom surface. They adhere to a wide variety of roofing substrates and are designed for use in new roofing, reroofing and flashing detail applications and as part of multi-ply systems.

SA-APP KoolCap FR membranes achieve Class A fire rating.

SA-APP KoolCap and SA-APP KoolCap FR are manufactured with the patent-pending CURE Technology, a solvent-free, environmentally friendly thin film technology that increases granule retention, improves the membrane’s resistance to stains and discoloration, and incorporates UV stabilizers for long-term durability and performance. A high-performance polyester-reinforced mat gives the membranes exceptional tensile strength and dimensional stability.

The cap sheets maintain their bright, white surface after long-term weathering, ensuring that they retain their “cool roof” properties. They exceed the requirements of the California Title 24 Building Standard Code for energy efficiency. They are rated by the Cool Roof Rating Council (CRRC) with an initial Solar Reflectance Index (SRI) – a measurement of a roofing membrane’s overall energy efficiency that takes both solar reflectivity and thermal emissivity into account – of 90.

Patented FastLap granule-free roll ends and the patented SealLap factory-applied adhesive treatment at the membrane overlap make installation quick and easy and help contractors achieve more reliable seams and end laps. Installation is flame-free, odorless and completed with hand tools, enhancing the safety of crew members and building occupants.

Each roll of membrane covers approximately 100 square feet of roof surface.

The SA-APP KoolCap Touch-Up Kit is specially formulated for use in treating membrane lap areas, details and repairs when installing SA-APP KoolCap membranes. The coating matches the membranes’ look and high solar reflectivity while helping extend roof life and enhance roofing system performance by improving granule retention and resistance to abrasions and scuffs. The coating can be thinly applied with a sprayer, roller or brush. It is available in 1-gallon cans, the amount typically required for each six or seven rolls of installed membrane.

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