Metal-Era Inc., the national leader in commercial engineered roof solutions, is excited to announce new FM ratings on their metal roof edge products, many of which are the highest in the edge securement industry. Already offering the largest selection of FM-rated roof edge products, Metal-Era added new systems to strengthen their commitment of providing high-performance solutions to customers in accordance with their SPEQ promise (Speed, Protection, Expertise and Quality.)

In order to receive approval for an FM rating, products are rigorously tested by Factory Mutual to FM4435, the FM standard for edge termination used with low slope roofing systems. Metal-Era received FM ratings on a wide range of fascia, coping and drip edge products including their Anchor-Tite, Perma-Tite and Edge Systems One product lines. All of the approved products and assemblies are listed on, the online resource of FM approvals.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) recently released data showing that on average over the past 4 decades, high wind events have continually increased in frequency. They can occur in any weather condition across the U.S. and quickly become a hazard to unprotected buildings; A fact that should be carefully considered when choosing a product to secure the roof perimeter.

“According to NOAA data, roughly 14,000 high wind events occur annually in the United States, damaging more than $17 billion in property. Our products are engineered and manufactured to withstand severe wind. The new ratings further demonstrate our ability to provide clients consistent and reliable protection of their roofing system at the roof perimeter,” says Brad Van Dam, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Metal-Era.

“Customers, engineers, specifiers, and roofing contractors can rely on our products to perform when and where they need the performance most, at the edge of their building in the middle of a storm.”

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