Newly constructed in South Russell, Ohio, a care center and assisted living facility for people living with Alzeheimer's Disease. The community includes one or two bedroom spacious suites for each guest, safety equipped baths, a ballroom and movie theater, a large fitness center, beauty clinic, a fully stocked library,and many other amenities to keep the residents entertained on a daily basis. Just a short drive to downtown Cleveland, this 45,000 square foot community is a great addition to South Russell. 
The architectural firm that specified Keene's Driwall Rainscreen on the project was looking at preventing moisture damage in the exterior walls. The exterior veneer was to include manufactured stone, and the mason was pleased to see a drainage and ventilation mat used behind the stone. With the building envelope so tight to prevent thermal leakage, the exterior veneers are getting wet with not the same ability to dry as they have in the past. This directly correlates to having moisture problems. 
To solve this problem, Keene's Driwall Rainscreen 020-1 was installed. This quarter-inch drainage and ventilation mat was installed between the  weather-resistant barrier, and the wire lath. Driwall Rainscreen will provide an airspace for any incidental moisture penetration that gets behind the stone to drain to the exterior. This often occurs due to settling, wind driven rain, and other factors. Driwall Rainscreen also provides ventilation. When the stone gets wet, it will have the capacity to properly dry. Draining, and drying are two extremely important aspects for the proper life span of manufactured stone, and Driwall Rainscreen provides that in one product.  
By including Driwall Rainscreen 020-1, the mason ensured that the manufactured stone could properly drain and ventilate. The new community can now fulfill a very important factor. It will look good, with no concerns for moisture issues.