Roofinox, the leading manufacturer of architectural stainless steel, provides a range of tin-plated (Terne) products specifically-produced to ensure long-term sustainability and corrosion-resistance for wall-cladding, flashing, rainware, interior design and virtually all forms of roofing applications. Roofinox Tin-plated (Terne) also remains the only tin-plated stainless steel product specifically developed and manufactured for roll forming and fabricating. 

“Since the only other domestic manufacturer of terne-coated steel products left the market several years ago, Roofinox has dedicated itself to providing long-lasting and environmentally-friendly roofing products to customers throughout the United States,” says Dave Rowe, vice president at Roofinox America. “This includes combining superb mechanical and surface properties with an architecturally distinctive matt finish for roofing and roll-forming. In addition, Roofinox Tin-plated (Terne) products age beautifully over time, while helping project owners and contractors achieve coveted LEED-related construction results.” 

Roofinox Tin-plated (Terne) consists of a layer of 100 percent tin covering a base of either a 439 or 316L stainless steel. This formulation has proven ideal for all roof types including drainage solutions and accessory pieces. With superior corrosion-resistance properties, these products offer excellent solderability and are 100 percent recyclable and 20 percent more malleable than comparable stainless steel roofing systems. 

Originally developed to withstand the harsh climatic conditions found in Switzerland and Austria, Roofinox Tin-plated (Terne) is also ideal for applications ranging from rural, urban and light industrial areas to historic and commercial sites and extreme coastal environments. With ongoing exposure to the elements, Roofinox Tin-plated (Terne’s) surface can be expected to develop an elegant matt grey patina finish over time. 

A perfect substitute for lead-coated copper, zinc/tin-zinc coated copper, Terne-coated materials, galvalume and lead, Roofinox Tin-plated (Terne) is available in coil or sheet. Materials made be ordered by themselves so customers can do their own forming or prefabricated by a Roofinox distributor. 

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