PROSOCO announces improved formulations of its R-Guard Cat 5 and R-Guard Cat 5 Rain Screen air and waterproof barriers. Designed with improved rheology, both fluid-applied products are now easier to roll, especially in cold weather. The improved products also offer a faster cure time.

A series of independently conducted tests confirmed that the improvements have not affected any of the performance characteristics of either product. The only difference customers will notice is an improved workability and flow. Both products continue to meet the acceptance criteria of the International Code Council and the Air Barrier Association of America.

Improved versions of Cat 5 and Cat 5 Rain Screen started production around June 1 and will hit the market in June. The new and the current products are compatible and can be used together – they just will have a different look and feel, said Dave Pennington, manager of PROSOCO’s Building Envelope Group.

Customers can distinguish the improved products from current inventories by a sticker on the label of the new products that reads, “Now easier to apply.”

Both products maintain their SCS Indoor Advantage Gold certifications. PROSOCO is in the process of securing Declare labels for the improved products.

For more information, including product data sheets, safety data sheets, environmental credentials, product benefits and more, visit the Cat 5 and Cat 5 Rain Screen product pages.