As a commitment to the efficiency, sustainability, and safety of its customers, BASF only offers its expandable polystyrene (EPS) with the polymeric flame retardant (PolyFR).  Neopor Graphite-enhanced Polystyrene (GPS) provides the insulation industry with a raw material that combines high insulation quality, safety, ease of processing, and low weight, resulting in an important contribution to global climate protection goals.  

“Our customers look to BASF to provide high-quality materials,” said Luis Espada, Business Manager, Neopor Insulation North America.  “The change to PolyFR in our products is a great example of the commitment to continually enhancing our product portfolio.”

PolyFR also improves the environmental profile of the material, as confirmed in the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) June 2014 report. Relevant first tests show the same results and classification as legacy FR products, such as ASTM E84, UL S701, NFPA 286, and NFPA 285.

“Switching to PolyFR guarantees the supply of eco-efficient thermal insulation products for sustainable building and construction in the future,” said Giorgio Greening, BASF Global Business Unit, Styrenic Foams.  “Energy efficiency in the commercial and residential construction section is now a bigger challenge than ever for the entire value chain.  As a raw material manufacturer, we want to supply our customers with high-quality materials with optimal properties.”  
Neopor is a registered trademark of BASF SE.

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