The Charles F. Evans Company Inc (a division of Evans Roofing Company Inc.) was founded in 1945 in Elmira, N.Y. For over 70 years, the Charles F. Evans Company Inc. has continued a tradition of excellence with long standing clients, one being Cornell University. By providing quality craftsmanship on roofing restoration projects, it was a natural fit for the Charles F. Evans Company Inc. to be awarded the Goldwin Smith Hall project. The expert union crews endured many challenges during the course of the project, but none bigger than the harsh upstate New York winters of 2013-2014 and 2014-2015.  

Goldwin Smith Hall began its existence as the Dairy Science building in 1893, designed by Charles Osborne and centrally located on the campus Arts Quadrangle. In autumn of 1903, Goldwin Smith Hall was added to the structure’s most southern end, designed by Carrere & Hastings in a classical architectural style. The addition was intended to complement the simplistic nature of the surrounding buildings. The Hall features a freestanding portico adorned with four columns that help guide one’s gaze towards the stately slate and copper roof. Goldwin Smith Hall has reigned as the university’s main humanities building for over one hundred years.

The Charles F. Evans Company, Inc. was awarded the project through LeChase Construction LLC, General Contractors on record for the project. This roofing restoration commenced in November 2013, with a crew ranging from eight to 15 associates responsible for completing this difficult and challenging project. The scope of work was to remove the existing roof system which was comprised of 100 year old slate tile with copper aprons. The removal of existing roof occurred in small sections to keep the building sealed up during the winter months. The sections of underlayment in need of replacement were done immediately by the general contractor with temporary roofing installed by the Charles F. Evans Company Inc.

As the weather broke in early 2014, Field Superintendent Brian Babcock and his crew of qualified union sheet metal associates began work installing 3,000 square-feet of new soldered flat seamed, 20-ounce, cold rolled 6-foot copper aprons.  There was an additional 12,000 square-feet of standing seam copper along with new copper flashings, gutters and downspouts; all Revere Copper Products.  After this long and tedious process, the Charles F. Evans Co. Inc. roofing crew, led by Construction Manager Don Sewalt commenced work on the 34,500 square-feet of 12 inches by 16 inches, 1/4-inch thick Vermont Structural slate tiles in hues of mottled green and purple.

The historical restoration as completed in May 2015, in spite of the challenges that the Charles F. Evans Company Inc. faced.  Some of those challenges included; providing 100 percent fall protection for steep roof operations, safe access to and from the work areas and the constant changing New York State weather, including record breaking snow and ice loads to extreme heat during the summer months.

The completion of the Goldwin Smith Hall project will provide faculty and students with another testimonial to the University’s commitment to historical restoration. In the end, the Charles F. Evans Company Inc. continued and strengthened their core values of quality, safety and uncompromising customer satisfaction on another Cornell University project. Charles F. Evans Company Inc. is proud to have been a partner on this challenging and rewarding historical re-roofing project.