Benoy, the international studio of Masterplanners, Urban Designers, Interior and Graphic Designers, is very excited to announce it has been appointed on a major development in Montreal, Royalmount, bolstering the firm’s new campaign in North America.

The Town of Mount Royal within Montreal granted planning approval for Royalmount, a $1.7 billion project, which will add to the city’s diversified retail offer. The 86,000m2 mixed-use scheme, set within an overall 373,000m2 development, consists of Retail, Commercial, Leisure, Hospitality and Culture. The project will be located at the junction of two major highways to the West of the city centre, giving convenient access to a significant catchment including the city’s international airport.

Benoy has been instructed to develop the emerging concept, creating a new vision for the scheme to aid discussions with retailers with the certainty that the scheme has been tested in terms of cost and viability.

Project Leader and Benoy Director Jacqueline Beckingham commented on the project, “The concept for this project is to provide Montreal with a must see destination full of features and attractions embodying the city’s joie de vivre and supporting the 2025 Vision.”

Benoy’s instruction on Royalmount is an important step in Benoy’s global growth. After many years of successfully designing in Europe, Asia and the Middle East, Benoy is now working in North and South America; trading on its long history of innovative design and British heritage.

For over 20 years, Benoy has been working internationally, establishing studios around the world including the practice’s first foreign studio and Asian headquarters in Hong Kong, opened in 2002.

With 11 Benoy studios today, the Global Team works seamlessly sharing lessons from Asia, the Middle East and Europe, which Benoy is now bringing to the Americas; a fresh new way of thinking about design.

“Our natural growth has evolved from dedicated top quality schemes from our talented designers and measured business risks which have allowed Benoy to go from a small boutique practice in the East Midlands to one of the leading mixed-use design firms in the world,” said Global Commercial Director Tom Cartledge.

He added, “Our appointments are representative of the diverse offer we are now expertly providing clients from around the world, whether it is Retail, Aviation, Hospitality, Leisure or Residential, amongst others; we understand the global consumer and help developers to create commercially successful yet truly creative projects anywhere in the world.”