Many roofing contractors choose to sell roofs with a mix of roofing components. The shingles may come from one manufacturer, the underlayment from another, and even the hip & ridge from yet another. However, there are benefits for roofing contractors who install products specifically manufactured to work together.

The Atlas Signature Select Roofing System is a unified assembly of specially chosen Atlas products. Each component is manufactured to work together with the other products in the system.

Whether the products come from one manufacturer or four, every roof is a system, but the best roof is installed with products truly designed to work together. With an Atlas Signature Select roofing system, contractors and designers never have to worry about product incompatibility.

Atlas Signature Select includes shingles, underlayment and other components chosen to work as one in a complete unified roofing system. Designers who decide to purchase qualifying Atlas products in the Atlas Signature Select Roofing System can get an automatic increase in the Premium Protection Period of the Atlas Roofing limited warranty.