Environmentally Safe Products Inc., maker of patented ESP Low-E Reflective Insulation, today announced that its Therma Sheet roofing underlayment has been certified by the International Code Council Evaluation Service. The designation means Therma Sheet meets the code requirements of a stand-alone roofing underlayment for the building industry.

Previously, code required roofers to install Therma Sheet over a layer of felt paper or other underlayment. The ICC designation confirms that Therma Sheet offers superior performance without any other underlayments. The result: contractors save the time and materials costs associated with installing that additional layer, and consumers have access to a new, affordable energy upgrade for their homes.

“We welcomed the rigorous testing of Therma Sheet performed by the ICC,” says Tom Wright, ESP’s Chief Operations Officer. “The resulting certification means that roofers across the U.S. can save time money while homeowners enjoy the benefits of the leading reflective insulation underlayment.” 

Therma Sheet insulation, which roofers have installed for years, is constructed of 99% pure polished aluminum facings, heat laminated to a closed cell polyethylene foam core. This patented process makes Therma Sheet an excellent thermal and moisture barrier under metal roofing, stone coated steel, concrete, clay tile and more.

For more information about ESP Low-E Therma Sheet, visit ESP’s website.