Architosh announced the recipients of its fourth annual “BEST of SHOW” awards from the American Institute of Architects Convention 2015 in Atlanta, and global design software developer Nemetschek Vectorworks Inc. received two honors. Vectorworks Designer 2015 was the sole winner in the Desktop category, while Vectorworks Nomad 3.0 was one of three winners in the Mobile category.

As a complete BIM modeling tool, Vectorworks Designer 2015 software “packs a big punch in the area of visualization and rendering options. And Vectorworks 2015 gave an official ‘thumbs up’ for 4K displays, something its peers have not yet done,” said Anthony Frausto-Robledo, AIA, LEED AP, editor-in-chief of

Architosh awards the Desktop category honor to programs that promote cross-platform excellence, which means they are not only compatible on both Mac and Windows operating systems but also take advantage of the underlying operating systems in specific ways. With a perfect score at the product review level, Vectorworks Designer 2015 secured the win due to its industry-leading landscape architecture tools and new site modeling capabilities, as well as its competitive pricing model.

“Whether you need to explore concepts, develop models or communicate through presentation or construction documents, Vectorworks Designer software gives users the freedom to create designs without having to use additional applications,” said Darick DeHart, architectural features manager at Nemetschek Vectorworks. “The extensive set of design tools offered streamlines the process in a single, intuitive interface. Looking ahead, we will release new product enhancements this fall that will enable designers to explore and realize their creative visions in dynamic ways with energy analysis, visual scripting, project sharing and more.”

In contrast to the Desktop category, Architosh’s BEST of SHOW's Mobile category recognizes unique software solutions that give substantial quality to the use of mobile devices, employing their strengths as lightweight, cloud-connected hardware.

Vectorworks Nomad 3.0 “gained a lot more power when the Vectorworks Graphics Module (VGM) technology was ported to the iOS environment, powering its new game-like 3D navigation with excellent rendering capacity,” said Frausto-Robledo. “This added much to an already solid cloud-driven solution that allows for dissemination of information, mark-up and round-tripping information back to the CAD/BIM environment.”

“Vectorworks Nomad 3.0 offers users a higher level of viewing interaction with easy access to viewing their 3D projects on their mobile device,” said Donne Martin, cloud/mobile technologies manager at Nemetschek Vectorworks. “The gesture-based flyover and walkthrough capabilities help users to present design models in a way that truly excites their clients.”

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