Móz Designs has unveiled a new QuickShip program that expedites delivery of decorative metal laminate sheets and handcrafted metal artwork to job sites. The QuickShip program is geared toward designers, installers and contractors who need surfacing materials and display art quickly and within a budget.

As an industry leader in decorative surfacing materials, Móz maintains a comprehensive stock of aluminum laminates and wall displays for commercial centers, hospitality venues, retail sites, healthcare facilities, and more.

Móz metal artwork features both colorful, one-dimensional pieces and multi-dimensional displays, such as Weave Art. The wall art is constructed from hand-finished aluminum and is ready to hang in residential or commercial interiors.

Móz QuickShip metal laminates include 4-foot by 8-foot and 4-foot by 10-foot sheets fabricated from solid core aluminum (.040-inches) and featuring a wide choice of etched grain patterns and color (or clear) finishes. The sheets can be cut and direct glued to a solid backer. In stock items are shipped within two to three business days while special order QuickShip products are sent within one to four weeks, depending on the item. Polycoat gloss or matte finishes are available.

All items are packaged flat in a heavy-duty cardboard box and sent via freight truck. Environmentally-friendly, Móz metal panels are fabricated from recycled aluminum and contribute to LEED 2.0 MR Credit 4, recycled content. QuickShip can be accessed on the Móz Designs Web site at: http://quickship.mozdesigns.com/. The site showcases a rich selection of Móz metals that are offered through the program with product details, photos and typical site installations.

Móz has been an industry leader in innovative metal surfaces for interior and exterior applications for more than 25 years. All Móz architectural and decorative metal products are designed and manufactured at the company’s facility in northern California.

For more information or product samples, contact Móz Designs at 510.632.0853 or see Móz products at www.MozDesigns.com.