400 Series Curtainwall

Designed for low- and mid-rise applications, the durable framework of the 400 Series provides exceptional structural performance reducing the need for steel reinforcing. This system has a sightline of 2 1/2-inches and the strength of variable-depth backmembers from 4-inches to 7-inches. An exterior screw-applied pressure bar secures the glass.

Snap-on covers, available in a wide range of colors, allow for different finishes on interior and exterior exposed surfaces. Silicone glazed verticals are available for a seamless appearance.

400 Series CW, Champagne Gold Paint; Crown Cork & Seal; Architect: Ballinger Architects; Glazing Contr.: Hutt’s Glass; Photography: Esto Photographics

400 Series CW, 14000 Series SF; Sandstone Paint; East Tennessee State University Library; Architect: Ken Ross Architects / David Leonard Associates; Glazing Contr.: Keller Glass

400 IG Curtainwall

Tubelite 400 Series I.G. (Inset Glaze) Curtainwall Framing for low and medium rise applications has been redesigned for installation labor savings and design flexibility. Offset glass pockets and removable glass stops on the new 400 Series allow glazing or re-glazing from both the exterior and interior of the building. Broken lites can be replaced without removing the vertical pressure plates or snap covers. The new roll-over horizontal member permits erection of all the verticals first, to reduce installation time and cost. Open back head and jamb members provide economical alternatives to the previous hollow tube perimeters.

400 Screw Spline Curtainwall

Tubelite 400SS Screw Spline Curtainwall is an exterior glazed, thermally improved pressure wall system. This gasket glazed, weeped system will accept infill material up to 1-inch thick, positioned at the frame exterior for a minimum of metal exposure. A screw applied pressure plate secures the infill material and snap fits with a cover plate to conceal fasteners and allow for two color installations. Open-back jambs and 2-piece intermediate verticals allow screw spline joints. This reduces the need for shear blocks, fabrication time and installation labor costs.

400SS Curtainwall has a 2 ½-inch sight-line and is available in variable depth from 5 7/8-inch to 13 ¼-inch through face cover/backmember combinations. It is recommended for use on low to medium rise structures.

300ES Curtainwall

Tubelite 300ES Series Curtainwall Framing is designed for superior thermal performance using Therml=Block insulbar technology. Thermal construction (Uc) is reduced to 0.46 and Condensation Resistance (CRF) is increased to 72.

One-inch thick insulating glass can be installed from the building interior or exterior.

Separate interior and exterior frame members allow different finishes on each.

The exterior face has a 2-1/4-inch sightline. Overall system depth is 6-inches. 300ES is ideal for curtainwall applications up to 4 stories tall and offered reduced field installation time and expense.

200 Series Curtainwall

The 200 series is an economical curtainwall system with a wide range of low- to mid-rise applications including atriums and clerestory. This exterior glazed pressure bar system with 2-inch face dimension is ideal for curving and compatible with all Tubelite entrances.

Snap-on cover finishes, available in a variety of colors, allow for contrasting interior and exterior finishes on exposed framing. Silicone glazed verticals can be selected to provide a sleek uninterrupted surface.

Both our 200 and 400 Series Curtainwall systems are subjected to rigorous testing by an independent agency, ensuring that you get the highest quality curtainwall products that the industry has to offer.

Standard Entrance NS, 200 Series CW, 400 Series CW; Bronze Anodized; 2/90 Sign Systems; Architect: True North Architects; Glazing Contr.: Glass Design