When mechanical fastening methods fail, experts in the Sign Industry put their trust in structural adhesives from the best in the business, namely Lord Corporation. Lord’s brand new Signlok structural adhesive and 810/20 LRT (Low Read-Through) adhesive are long anticipated bonding solutions tailored specifically for Sign Industry professionals. Both adhesives are available through Chemical Concepts Inc. with the faithful customer service and unmatched industry expertise that has long been customary to the business to business distributor of adhesives, silicones, specialty chemicals and fasteners.

“As always, we’re delighted to partner with Lord Corporation,” said Chemical Concepts Sales Manager, Craig Zelle. “A respected name in the Sign Industry, Lord has delivered two new products in Signlok and 810/20 LRT that resolve several challenges commonly seen by professionals in this field.” Zelle added, “We’re pleased to provide these two new products that are sure to reduce time and costs in the long term for our friends in the Sign Industry.”

Signlok 403 and 406 from Lord, each now being distributed by Chemical Concepts, is an acrylic adhesive formula that can proficiently replace the hassle of riveting, brazing and welding in the presentation and function of signs. The Signlok series is set apart for its capacity to resist the elements; it can withstand temperatures from -40 degrees Fahrenheit to 300 degree Fahrenheit and endure acids, alkalis, moisture and other challenges posed by the environment. The 403 and 406 varieties of Lord’s Signlok are also highly versatile, having the ability to bond a variety of unprepared metals, and have non-sag properties allowing for greater flexibility.

Lord’s 810/20 Low Read-Through is a great improvement upon the often maligned byproduct of high read-through alternatives that leave signs looking aesthetically subject. Lord’s 810/20 LRT on the other hand offers no bond-line read-through, minimal shrinkage, very little substrate preparation, and 90 percent to full cure in just one hour. The non-sagging, two-component adhesive also has excellent peel strength and is exceptionally flexible (190 percent elongation). Chemical Concepts is proud to offer Lord’s 810/20 LRT adhesive in 400 mL, 200 mL, 50 mL, and 5 gallon pails and drums.

Chemical Concepts Inc. is an innovator in adhesive solutions and has been pioneering its uses and applications throughout its storied history. Originators of in-house brands CounterBalance and Chem-Set, the Philadelphia area adhesive experts have been supplying quality products to numerous markets and industries for 55 years. For five decades and counting, Chemical Concepts remains committed to delivering quality products and services while saving their customers time and money.