Retrofitting an existing building by adding a new exterior surface can breathe new life into an aging structure. Not only does it provide an entirely new look, but retrofitting can also increase a building’s energy efficiency, saving operational costs for the remainder of the building’s life cycle. Insulated metal panels (IMPs) are an excellent option for exterior retrofit projects. Their versatility, performance, and easy installation make them an ideal choice for buildings of all types, sizes, and sectors.

Aesthetic Options Galore

Installing IMPs on the exterior of a building provides a fresh, updated look that can transform its appearance dramatically. Designers and architects can choose from a vast variety of colors, textures, and finishes—all in an array of panel sizes, both large and small.

For a traditional look, IMPs etched with a brick-like pattern can be installed. Modern appeal can be given to an older building by retrofitting it with panels featuring a metallic finish. For a custom look, alternating colors, and finishes can create eye-catching patterns. The sheer variety and versatility of IMPs offer unlimited aesthetic options that fit into, and compliment, every type of surrounding, from urban and industrial to residential areas and neighborhoods.

Easy Installation and Maintenance

Most IMPs are designed as a single-component product, making them simple to install. Single-component panels are also simple to detail and attach, minimizing installation costs and potential errors. This reduces overall budget and decreases the amount of time to complete the retrofit project, creating shorter construction periods and enabling deadlines to be met. Additionally, their metal exterior surfaces make IMPs low maintenance and easy to clean.

Energy-Efficient Building Envelope

Not only does adding a new exterior made up of IMPs change a building’s look, it also adds a high-performance building envelope that increases its overall energy efficiency. Once installed, the new system of interlocking metal panels provides an uninterrupted barrier against the elements, reducing thermal bridging and preventing moisture damage. This makes retrofitting with IMPs ideal for buildings that need a temperature-controlled interior climate, such as food storage and preparation facilities, breweries, wineries, and other similar types.

For buildings of any type, the insulating properties of IMPs reduce heating and cooling needs, which in turn reduces energy costs. This provides operational savings for the remainder of the building’s life. Metal panel retrofits also facilitate the achievement of green building construction standards and LEEDs credits.

The Superior Choice for Retrofitting

If you’re planning a retrofit of an existing building, consider the many benefits of installing a new exterior façade of insulated metal panels. Available in a myriad of finishes, hues, and textures, these versatile cladding systems can be tailored to almost any project. Their single component construction means speedy installation time, and more efficient use of labor and materials—all cost savers. They utilize advanced insulated panel technology that creates a high-performance building envelope, while eliminating complexities in design and build. The building’s energy efficiency is improved, lowering operational costs and its carbon footprint. In short, IMPs combine aesthetics and performance, making them an ideal product choice for retrofit building renovations.

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