Attendees at the 2015 International Roofing Expo will get their first look at the new Single-Width Slate 12-inch tile with an enhanced profile and a new smokey gray color, launched by DaVinci Roofscapes.

“We’re excited about the new product and color option being introduced to the marketplace in 2015,” said Ray Rosewall, CEO and president of DaVinci Roofscapes. “Our team is constantly working to refine our product offerings and this new slate profile and deep gray color are just two examples of how we’re responding to marketplace needs.”

New Slate Profile

The new Single-Width Slate 12-inch tile from DaVinci now boasts a more authentic quarried look.

“A significant amount of time and energy has been invested in design improvements to create slate tiles with thicker, more realistic profiles that accurately replicate genuine slate,” said Rosewall. “The edges of these composite slate tiles now have a more quarried look to them. Deeper impressions in the tiles make them appear thicker, even though they’re the same weight as the previous tiles. This is just one example of how we’re continually refining our products and making improvements of DaVinci polymer roofing products.”

The refined profile is produced in eight unique 12-inch slate tile variations and will be included in DaVinci's blended bundles, including all color and blend options for Single-Width Slate.

50th Color Launch

Already the leader in color options in the polymer roofing industry, DaVinci enhances its position in 2015 by introducing the company’s newest color, Smokey Gray.

“This deep, rich blackish gray captures the look of real slate,” said Rosewall. “The color reminds some people of a dark, stormy night or of charcoal. The distinct Smokey Gray color will be available as a standard color option in the DaVinci Multi-Width and Single-Width Slate product lines, along with the Bellaforté Slateline.”

Smokey Gray is the 50th color offered by DaVinci and the darkest gray available from the company. Slate Gray, Medium Gray, Light Gray, Dark Gray, Light Weathered Gray, Medium Weathered Gray, Medium Light Weathered Gray, Medium Dark Weathered Gray, Dark Weathered Gray, Light Chesapeake, Medium Light Chesapeake, Medium Chesapeake and Dark Chesapeake are also available from DaVinci.

“Subtle tone differences are so important in roof color offerings,” said Rosewall. “While we have an industry-leading reputation for color at DaVinci, we continue to monitor evolving customer color preferences. Customers made it clear that they wanted the dark gray pavement tone of Smokey Gray.”

The company’s reliable products have a limited lifetime warranty and are 100 percent recyclable. All DaVinci high-performing roofing products are proudly made in America where the company is a member of the National Association of Home Builders, the National Association of Roofing Contractors, the Cool Roof Rating Council and the U.S. Green Building Council.

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