The magnificence of natural slate has captivated people for centuries. While homeowners and contractors desire slate’s unique beauty for roofing, they find it’s not always practical. Because of real slate’s high cost, heavy weight, and upkeep, they often choose other materials.

However, Inspire Aledora Slate V-Series Roofing—a new cutting-edge solution—takes slate-style roofing to the highest level of authenticity. With varied-width polymer slate tiles that replicate different sizes of natural thick slate, the product is a superior alternative that rivals the beauty and brawn of real slate. It’s also more economical and lighter weight for easier installation, and low-maintenance.

Available in four widths—6-inch, 8-inch, 10-inch, and 12-inch—its tiles represent the diverse sizes of genuine slate. These half-inch-thick varied width tiles can be installed in natural, non-repeating straight or staggered pattern for the most authentic slate roofing appearance. With the precise surface texture and aesthetics of slate—plus sharp, jagged, and irregular tile edges—it creates natural shadow variance and time-weathered looks that are indistinguishable from real slate. The true-to-life texture of each tile, combined with advanced polymer engineering, prevents on-roof glossiness too, enriching residential or commercial buildings’ architectural integrity. Every Aledora Slate V-Series roof is one-of-a-kind, providing unprecedented individuality.

The product is well suited for residences as well as commercial buildings, particularly those not built to support slate’s weight. Reducing the load on roofs, it protects the structure underneath the tiles. With its striking architectural style, the product is at home atop distinctive new construction and renovated historic buildings. It lets you enjoy the beauty of slate without the burden.

Enhancing the design versatility of its varied-width tiles, the product’s resplendent colors and mixes bring out the best in every roof. Its palette includes Charcoal Black, Mist Grey, Olive, Steel Grey, Sage Green, Red Rock, Brandywine, multi-color mixes and custom mixes for truly unique blends. Integrating multiple shades into each tile, Inspire Aledora Slate V-Series has color variations found in natural slate.

The product endures the elements better than slate, featuring a Class A fire rating, 110 mph wind uplift rating, Class 4 impact rating, sustainability, and an industry-leading limited lifetime warranty.

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