Third-party testing results confirm that Georgia-Pacific Gypsum’s DensDeck Prime Roof Boards display superior puncture and impact resistance. DensDeck Prime protects thermoplastic roofing membranes better than high-density polyisocyanurate (HD ISO) cover boards.

“All types of commercial roofing membranes are susceptible to everyday punctures from a variety of sources. Rigid objects with sharp edges like dropped tools, heavy equipment, winds which blow branches and debris onto roofs, frequent foot traffic for general maintenance and repair can cause punctures at any time,” explained Todd Kuykendall, director of Marketing and Product Management for Georgia-Pacific Gypsum. “DensDeck Prime cover boards support membranes so they can resist puncture damage, allowing them to do their job as a front-line protector in roof assembly against water intrusion,” he said.

The independent ASTM D5635 puncture test results indicate that when compared with HD ISO boards, the thermoplastic membranes do not puncture as easily when one-fourth DensDeck Prime Roof Boards are used as a cover board. Thermoplastic membranes tested in assemblies with one-fourth DensDeck Prime boards underneath were 83 percent more puncture resistant, on average, than membranes with half HD ISO, or no cover board at all.

Durable and versatile DensDeck Prime roof boards can potentially save money for roofing contractors, building owners and facility managers by eliminating or reducing the need for costly repairs due to punctures during and after completion of the roof installation, Kuykendall added. “The facts are clear—in these puncture tests, HD ISO performed similarly to no cover board at all, which allowed thermoplastic membranes to puncture easily,” he said.

Thermoplastic membranes tested in assemblies with one-fourth DensDeck Prime boards underneath were 83 percentDensDeck Prime Roof Board Stands Up to Hail.

In addition to puncture resistance testing, the independent company also conducted tests simulating the impact of hail in a variety of roofing scenarios—and the results were similar:

FM 4473 (using NBS—National Bureau of Standards—23 standards) hail test results indicated that DensDeck Prime boards offer key benefits against hail damage versus HD ISO products:

·       Less likelihood of membrane damage—Assemblies with DensDeck Prime panels exhibited less indentation that stressed the membrane and can potentially result in membrane failure;

·       More resilience during hail events—Assemblies with DensDeck Prime panels withstood larger hail sizes that may cause cover board fractures.

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