MiasoleMiasole PV module

 Miasole has released its new FLEX 01-N PV module for architectural standing seam metal roof systems. According to the company, the module is the roofing industry’s first high-power density flexible PV module with a power efficiency of 15.5 percent. Its high-performance self-adhesive provides a simple peel-and-stick installation method with the industry’s first 25-year adhesion guarantee. The module, when fully adhered to the metal roof systems, eliminates the need for racking and mechanical attachment or penetrations. Its low profile has the same wind uplift rating of the roof system design, making it a good choice for high wind zones. Weighting less than 0.7 pounds per square foot,FLEX is ideal for roofs with low load capacity and buildings in high seismic areas. The modules can be installed in the field by the contractor. For more information, email sales@miasole.com or visit www.miasole.com.