W.R. MEADOWSWR Meadows vapor barrier

 The PERMINATOR underslab vapor retarder/barrier from W.R. MEADOWS Inc. features low permeability, high strength, durability and impressive puncture resistance. According to the company, PERMINATOR15 mil vapor barrier now has a perm rating 16 times lower than that required under the ASTM E1745 standard, has one of the lowest perm ratings in the industry and has nearly twice the puncture resistance of other vapor barriers. New proprietary technology enables the product to significantly exceed the requirements of ASTM E 1745 (0.1 perms) as well as the recommendation of ACI 302.2R, which states that a vapor barrier with a perm rating of 0.01 perms or less should be installed in areas where the ASTM E 1745 is not sufficient to protect the floor. For more information, visit www.wrmeadows.com.