COLLEYVILLE, Texas — Anchor Products U-Anchor rooftop attachments can now be purchased at any time via The U-Anchor 2000 attaches solar racking systems to a roof membrane in both ballasted and non-ballasted solar mounting projects.  

“As demand grows for the U-Anchors, we wanted to implement Web-based technology to assist our customers so we needed an online store to accomplish this,” said Joel Stanley, president of Anchor Products, LLC. “The website also contains data sheets and help in identifying the proper U-Anchor for the rooftop materials on which the solar project will be mounted.”

The U-Anchor 2000 consists of a galvalume weatherized steel plate with a stainless steel stud, which has been heat fused to a thermoplastic (PVC or TPO) roofing membrane target. It installs on any thermoplastic surface from flat to vertical.  

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