A Xero Flor Green Roof System has been installed at MetroTop Plaza. Owned and managed by MetroTop Plaza Associates of Iselin, N.J., MetroTop Plaza is a Class A office complex located in MetroPark in Woodbridge, N.J. Completed in November 2013, the 750-square-foot Xero Flor green roof was installed on the cantilevered entrance to the atrium that connects the two MetroTop Plaza buildings. The green roof is a value-added, green garden amenity that offers an appealing, landscaped view from the windows of Plaza II, the nine-story office tower in the complex.  

“We selected Xero Flor because Xero Flor America assessed the site for our green roof, evaluated all the requirements for a successful, sustainable installation, and gave us a complete and price-competitive project plan,” said Sam Friedman, project executive, MetroTop Plaza Associates.

“The installation was well-planned and expertly supervised by Xero Flor America,” said Jim Komatsu, property manager and building engineer, MetroTop Plaza Associates. “They made it easy.”

According to Friedman, the response of the tenants has been so positive that MetroTop Plaza Associates is planning a second Xero Flor green roof project. It will be an 800-square-foot green roof atop the roof of the atrium itself.

The award-winning Xero Flor Green Roof System is an extensive green roof featuring lightweight, pre-vegetated mats. In Xero Flor mats, the plants are pre-grown in an engineered growing medium on a flexible geosynthetic composite, thermally bonded to a non-woven filter fabric reinforced with a layer of non-woven fleece.  With the geosynthetic-fleece fabric, the mats can be cut and rolled up like sod for transportation to project sites and then rolled out like sod for fast, easy installation. Delivered with well-developed, thriving plants and extensive vegetative coverage, Xero Flor establishes instant green roofs. For projects in the U.S, all system components are 100 percent American-made. Xero Flor America plans every project with careful attention to green roof critical success factors.

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