Extrutech PlasticsExtrutech Plastics Concrete Plastic Wall Form

Extrutech Plastics Inc. has started production of a new, patented, stay-in-place plastic concrete form system. The Extrutech FORM is 24 inches wide by 6 inches thick and snaps together with the double-spline, E-Locking System. The concrete wall forms are pre-cut to the project specifications and shipped as a kit to the jobsite for quick assembly. The Extrutech FORM can also be insulated with 2 inches of insulated foam board for R-14. The panels are rated Class A and are recyclable. The Extrutech FORM System (EFS) offers a superior sanitary surface on both sides of the finished concrete wall. This system is designed for long-lasting durability and ease of sanitation and maintenance. These waterproof, concrete forms will never rust, rot, corrode or discolor, and are ideal for high moisture areas where daily sanitation is critical to the owner. For more information, visit www.epiplastics.com.