EnglertEnglert gutter screen

MicroGuard, a gutter screen with microfiltration technology, is now available in a reverse-bend version, giving contractors more versatility in using the screen for differing gutter and roof situations. Unlike the traditional, 4-foot-long segment of MicroGuard, the front of the Reverse Bend MicroGuard is attached to the front of the gutter, but its back faces up and fits to the drip edge, preventing water from going behind the gutter. The new screen offers the same angled micro-perforations as traditional MicroGuard, blocking large debris from entering the gutter while allowing rainwater to flow through freely. Each 4-foot section is easy to install requiring only three zip screws, guaranteeing secure and maintenance-free leaf protection. The sections are made of sturdy 032 gauge aluminium and have 2,000 holes per lineal foot to maximize drainage. For more information, visit www.englertinc.com.