Mule-HideMule-Hide TPO-Skirted Edge Metal

 Mule-Hide Products has introduced the industry’s first TPO-coated edge metal products with attached TPO skirts for quicker installation and the consistency of a factory-welded bond. Other products in the company’s Edge Metal & Accessories for Single-Ply Roofing Systems line also are now available in two new colors. The new edge-metal products have a 6-inch, factory-fabricated TPO skirt. The skirt can be heat welded to the perimeter TPO membrane, making installation faster and easier by eliminating a substantial amount of the hand welding required with traditional, non-skirted products, while also providing a factory-welded, consistent bond between the metal and the membrane. TPO- skirted products include a drip edge, a T-edge, a double-folded T-edge (called T-edge Plus), and a gravel stop edge. They are available only in white. For more information, visit