WEST SENECA, N.Y.  Kemper System America has introduced KEMPEROL® 022 — a solvent-free, cold-liquid applied, reinforced waterproofing membrane system for protecting indoor areas under ceramic tiles.

The engineered system was developed by Kemper System. It has proven effective for indoor commercial and residential applications across Europe and is now available in the United States and the Americas.

KEMPEROL 022 can be used in both new construction and restorations for bathrooms, kitchens, pool decks, spas and other areas to be tiled. It offers important advantages for hotels/motels, condos and high rises, commercial offices, government buildings, schools and universities, hospitals and medical centers.

The two-component resin system is based on a liquid synthetic material that bonds fully with the substrate and can reliably seal into corners and around pipes and other penetrations, including irregular shapes. The self-flashing system is reinforced with KEMPEROL® 500 Fleece and can bridge 1.5 mm cracks and joints up to 2 mm.

Unlike other liquid waterproofing systems, the two-part, epoxy-based system is solvent free and requires no primer for most substrates. At the same time, it is a fully reinforced system that provides a highly durable membrane which remains flexible for superior long-term waterproofing performance. Properly applied, there is no risk of moisture seeping underneath.

Unlike shower liner pans and plastic mats for areas to be tiled (which are usually nailed or tacked in place), the new liquid-resin membrane system fully adheres to the substrate for a monolithic surface that cannot crack or shift.

The KEMPEROL O22 resin system easily applies cold in a single layer using a flat roller. Tile can typically be installed over the reinforced membrane system after 24 hours. Tile adhesive can be used to apply tiles directly on top of the cured membrane.

For more information, visit www.kempersystem.net.