Atlas PinnacleAtlas Pinnacle Pristine

Features and Benefits: Pinnacle® Pristine built with HP Technology is oversized. Fewer shingles mean faster installation and less labor. The 6-inch exposure makes for easier measurements and installation. Pinnacle Pristine features a true 1¼" wide nailing area. The Sweet Spot gives roofers the best chance of ensuring both layers of shingles are accurately and securely fastened. In addition, Pinnacle Pristine’s Sweet Spot includes two FASTAC® sealant lines that adhere quickly and ensure a strong, long-lasting seal. HP Technology even provides Atlas Pinnacle Pristine shingles with a 130 mph rated high-wind warranty while still following a standard four-nail application. That’s a third less nails required for every roof. And Pinnacle Pristine shingles come standard with Scotchgard™ Protector to defend against algae streaks and help retain original color.

Dimensions: 393/8" x 14"; 6" exposure

Where Available: Northeast, Southeast, South Central

Number of Colors Available: 13

Warranty Information: Lifetime* Limited Warranty against algae growth; Lifetime Limited Warranty; 130 mph Limited Wind Warranty; 15-Year Wind Warranty Length