LAS VEGAS, N.V. – After review of Architectural Testing’s (ATI) product evaluation process and qualifications, the Department of Building and Safety for the City of Las Vegas, confirmed acceptance of ATI’s Code Compliance Research Report (CCRR). The CCRR was introduced by Architectural Testing Evaluation Services in 2005, as a qualified alternative to an ICC-ES Evaluation Report. Like an Evaluation report, the conclusions of a CCRR are backed by review of the Manufacturer’s quality control system, inspection of the manufacturing facilities, and independent laboratory testing. These services must be performed by suitably accredited bodies, which is where ATI’s CCRR clients can benefit. ATI is fully accredited to applicable ISO standards to perform factory inspections and laboratory performance testing. Because most Evaluation Service organizations do not provide these services, obtaining a traditional Evaluation Report tends to be a lengthy process as the responsibility for coordinating inspection and testing from separate entities usually falls back on the Manufacturer. The Code Compliance Research Report is Architectural Testing’s answer to the industry’s time-to-market frustration. Since its introduction, the CCRR has rapidly gained acceptance throughout the US. “Our goal was to offer an improved alternative to what the industry believed was their only option for code compliance product evaluation” noted Craig Wagner, P.E., Director - Code Compliance Services at Architectural Testing. “Direct access to all of the services needed for a complete product evaluation enables ATI to coordinate and perform the testing and inspection services needed in a seamless and efficient process. This ensures a thorough and accurate evaluation while greatly reducing turnaround time.” ATI’s Evaluation Services are accredited by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI).

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