Vegetated, white and photovoltaic roof systems work together for roofing manufacturer.

Tremco Inc., owned by RPM Building Solutions Group (RPM BSG), has long provided building owners and managers with sustainable solutions. The company is undertaking an ambitious renovation of its building envelope that will transform its Beachwood, Ohio, headquarters, built in 1970, not only into a showcase of sustainability but also one that features numerous solutions provided by RPM BSG companies.

Tremco officials hope that the headquarters, which is expected to be completed fall 2010, will become one of the few USGBC LEED Gold certified facilities in the state.


The renovated headquarters will include three different sustainable roofing systems plus one on an adjacent building. 

The first is a vegetated roof featuring thousands of area plants, including sedums, which, due to their resistance to extreme heat and cold-weather conditions, are preferred over grass. Vegetated roofs help manage stormwater runoff by absorbing large amounts of rainfall, and they help a building’s energy efficiency by retaining little heat. Low-impact lighting and a water-capture system will be integrated into the roof as will a pathway of recycled materials. Water captured from the roof will be collected in cisterns and used for irrigating the company’s grounds. For the benefit of those visiting the roof, signs will describe its features and provide information about the plant palette. Complementing the vegetated roof will be a living wall on the mechanical building atop the roof.

A white reflective TPA single-ply “cool roof” has been installed on the mechanical building. Cool roofs absorb far less heat than traditional black-surfaced roofing systems, which should have a positive effect on a building’s energy use and cost.

Tremco Roofing’s ENERGY STAR-qualified Rock-It roof surfacing system, composed of white gravel set in white adhesive, will be used over a canopy. This unique combination helps generate energy and operational cost savings from lower air-conditioning loads, and it reduces strain on the roof caused by its heating and cooling cycle. The white gravel surface also provides superior fire resistance and improved wind and hail damage protection.

On a Tremco building across a parking lot, a rooftop photovoltaic (PV) system will be used to generate electricity, another example of the company’s emphasis on sustainability. The PV system will also be installed on a cool roof for lower energy costs.

Building's Exterior

The outside of the building features a Dryvit Outsulation Plus MD exterior wall system with a Dryvit TerraNeo finish. The system provides an energy-efficient, insulated façade and can be applied directly to the existing slate, eliminating the time and potential waste of removing the façade. The TerraNeo finish resembles granite, without the weight, cost and lead time, making it the perfect finish for renovation work.

New sidewalks featuring decorative concrete supported by gravel recycled from the building’s main roof will surround the headquarters.


The building and its occupants will benefit from new high-performance, energy-efficient, tinted double-pane windows. Controlling air and moisture infiltration around windows and throughout the building is of primary importance to achieve sustainability since this can lead to deterioration of structural components, excessive energy consumption, poor indoor air quality and more. Continuity throughout the building envelope is key, as is compatibility where systems adjoin, abut or overlap, to ensure long-term performance.  

The window glazing system is composed of Tremco’s Spectrem 2 Silicone Sealant for the metal-to-metal connections and structural tensile bead with compatible SCR-900 spacer gaskets and peroxide EPDM pressure bar gaskets. Tremco’s ExoAir 110LT Self-Adhered Air & Vapor Barrier Membrane is being used around the rough openings where the windows will be set. Tremco’s proprietary Proglaze ETA Engineered Transition Assembly sealed to the air barrier with Spectrem 1 Silicone Sealant is being used to make the connection from the window system to the building façade for a secure, proven seal from window to wall, allowing optimal performance of the building envelope. Interior window seals are being done with Tremco’s ultra-low VOC Dymonic FC Polyurethane Hybrid Sealant with superior adhesion to even the most difficult substrates and paintability. 

Other Components

A quiet, efficient vertical wind turbine with a unique, compact design will be installed on the property to further help generate electricity. 

Numerous interior upgrades such as ADA-compliant restrooms, interior window treatments, and elevator modernizations are currently under way. Fixtures such as sinks are being refurbished and reused, while blinds and curtains have been cleaned and donated to Habitat for Humanity.

In addition, mechanical, engineering and plumbing upgrades include a new control system that ensures an accurate operating schedule of HVAC and lighting as well as improved zone control and modifications to the central air-handling system to enable variable flow, resulting in significant energy savings.

This is an exciting time at Tremco, where the company is integrating the products it recommends to its customers each and every day. The end result will be an example of true sustainability in building.

Tremco Inc. subsidiary WTI acted as general contractor for the project. Numerous solutions provided by RPM BSG companies include:

Interior air sealing – Canam Building Envelope Specialists

Decorative concrete – Increte Systems, a division of Euclid Chemical Co.

Sealants and gaskets – Tremco Commercial Sealants & Waterproofing

Vegetated, cool and photovoltaic roofing systems – Tremco Roofing and Building Maintenance

Insulated exterior wall cladding system – Dryvit Systems Inc., an RPM sister company