Increasingly, master architects are leveraging expert partners during preconstruction design phases to help develop constructable solutions for geometrically complex designs.

Early incorporation of cold-formed steel framing methods and preliminary engineering for this type of construction digitally validates the solution and provides two key benefits.  Onboarding key team members, like Construction Managers and General Contractors, is more efficient, and contractor bids are more accurate because the unique CFS framing has been defined.

“At the start, it would benefit projects with geometric complexity, like the 3-dimensionally curved feature wall, to invite Radius Track Corporation to the table during the design phase to streamline the light-gauge framing from the beginning,” said Anning Johnson Sr. Project Manager Gary Kwak.

During construction, the truss concept provided a light-weight structural solution fabricated from commodity CFS profiles that made it cost effective.  Anning Johnson’s Gary Kwak said, “the trusses were easy to install and provided our team the ability to make adjustments to compensate for discrepancies in the concrete structure when needed, meet the end schedule and deliver the design intent the architect wanted.”


Project Team:

Architect: SmithGroup

General Contractor: Pepper Construction Company

Framing & Carpentry Contractor: Anning Johnson Company

Sub-System Design & Fabrication: Radius Track Corporation