Post-frame construction continues to grow in popularity with building designers and structural engineers because this method offers expansive design flexibility. Many types of exterior façades can be installed on a post-frame building. They also like the fact that the post-frame system meets Uniform Building Code (UBC) and International Building Code (IBC) standards.

However, it is important for designers and engineers to know that not every “builder” is properly trained as a post-frame contractor. NFBA members have access to the best tools for building quality buildings—design tools, education about best practices, technical assistance and the accreditation program—and the PFA Find-A-Builder is a great way to find a builder near you.

Now on the Post-Frame Advantage website, it is possible to connect quickly with a nearby post-frame builder.


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Architects who are starting to consider post-frame design should begin by perusing the Post-Frame Advantage website. Within this site is a trove of information including case studies, code requirements, education possibilities, resources and even a forum used for discussions on many post-frame subjects.

Designers can get help in creating a post-frame project by consulting NFBA members, who can help turn ideas into reality. Designers can find further resources in the Design section of the PFA website, and peruse the extensive examples in the project gallery and case studies available there.

On the homepage of the website you will find the Find A Local Post-Frame Builder feature, which allows architects and engineers to complete a brief form that will prompt an NFBA member builder in the area to quickly contact them. The form asks some brief questions about the type of building you want constructed, projected start date, and your city, state and ZIP code. Any information you want to remain private does not have to be entered.


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Cost-effective, durable, sustainable and versatile are the most commonly used terms used by post-frame architects and engineers to describe this method of construction.

They are impressed by how it utilizes pressure-treated solid wood posts or laminated columns to support girts and trusses to create a durable, long-lasting engineered building. The post-frame method transfers loads to the ground or to a concrete pier and incorporates an interlocking frame that can actually handle greater loads than many other building systems."

If you have any questions about the Find-A-Builder system or would like to learn more about post-frame construction, send your request to