We all know that leads in the roofing business are important. And for those of you that have set up and maintain a solid presence on Facebook, you know have the option to run lead ads to generate leads directly from Facebook. Potential customers not have a way to contact your company directly through Facebook by responding to an ad you are running in their feed.

The option is only available on mobile at this point but we have had success running ads and getting leads in at a reasonable rate of under $100 per lead. In some cases the price has been under $50 per lead or less.

Lead ads from Facebook automatically pull the persons contact information from Facebook so there is not much to filling out a form if they are interested in learning more about your product or service. There is a trick to collecting the lead information once it is gathered and you can find more information on setting up a lead ad campaign from Facebook here:  Facebook Lead Ads

Here is an example of a Lead Ad we ran for one of our clients AccuLynx:


We have a few recommendations before you jump in and start running lead ads for your business:

  1. Make sure your Facebook page is optimized. Is your about us section completed? Are all of your images high resolution? Are all phone numbers and contact information up to date?
  2. Post content regularly – at least twice a week. If you decide to run ads and your last post is from December 2014, this could turn potential customers off from wanting to do business with you.
  3. Interact with partners, your community and others as part of your strategy.
  4. Make sure you tell your business story as part of your social media marketing strategy and always try to include high resolution images.