I had a great chat last week with Dusty DeVore, president of Core Roofing Systems, a commercial roofing company headquartered in Alpharetta, Ga. He was getting ready to head over to Augusta to watch the Masters, which is a great way to spend a weekend no matter how you slice it (no pun intended). But it’s even more interesting when your company is sponsoring one of the PGA Tour players in the event.

Core Roofing sponsors Roberto Castro, who wears the Core Roofing Systems logo on his sleeve. “He’s a rock solid guy that represents our company at the highest level,” said DeVore.

The company has sponsored him for four years, including time on the Nationwide tour. This is Castro’s second year on the PGA tour. The two met at a golf club and DeVore joked about how good Castro would look sporting a Core Roofing logo. A short time later, it was a reality.

“I explained our business philosophy and how I perceive the business world and the way we treat people, from our manufacturers to our employees to our customers, and it coincided with a lot of his beliefs and the way he goes about his business,” DeVore said.

DeVore believes their shared values make Castro is a perfect fit with Core Roofing. “He’s a great ambassador for our company,” DeVore said. “We’ve taken him out to play golf with customers and manufacturers, and they just gravitate to him. He’ll give them short game lessons and swing lessons and have a beer with them and tell them about life on the PGA tour.”

Unfortunately, Castro did not make the cut at the Masters this year, but sometimes that’s just the nature of the game. “I’m a golf fanatic,” said DeVore. “I love golf and play it a lot. I think it’s such a great game because it relates to business so well. It’s always evolving and you can never perfect it.”