Armstrong World Industries and Awair Inc., a leader in providing total, integrated Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ) solutions, have partnered in the creation of the Armstrong + Awair IEQ Monitoring Program. The program is designed to help schools be proactive in creating environments that support occupant well-being as well as more productive learning experiences. Through the partnership, Awair technology is used to identify a school’s IEQ issues, generating data that is then used to determine the Armstrong healthy ceilings solutions that can best improve the indoor environment on multiple levels.

Awair technology makes rich IEQ data available to customers through the latest networking, hardware, and cloud technologies. Awair IEQ monitors measure seven key parameters: temperature, humidity, carbon dioxide, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), particulate matter, noise, and light. After information is gathered, Armstrong recommends a variety of ceiling, wall, and air purification solutions based on that data. Armstrong and Awair are in the process of conducting multiple pilot programs—equipping a variety of school districts with Awair sensors—to help schools identify and improve their IEQ.

Enhancing Student Learning 

“The impact of poor indoor environmental quality—which includes everything from acoustics to lighting to air quality to thermal comfort to safety—goes far beyond ensuring students have a healthy place to go to school,” said Mark Hershey, senior vice president, Americas, Armstrong World Industries. “Improving these factors can enhance students’ ability to learn as well as lower absenteeism and improve test scores. Working with Awair, we are helping schools provide confidence to students, faculty, and parents that children and teachers alike are spending their days in an environment designed to support their well-being and education.” 

The monitoring program collects IEQ measurements for 30 days while the school is occupied. The results are then analyzed and a report identifying any areas of concern is issued along with recommendations for addressing those concerns.

One of the first schools to participate in the Armstrong + Awair IEQ Monitoring Program, Panther Valley Elementary School in Nesquehoning, Pa., was able to improve its IEQ after addressing the issues the Awair monitors revealed about ventilation rates and light levels. Following the recommendations in the report, the school was able to improve light levels by adding new LED light fixtures and replacing some ceilings with Armstrong® Ultima® high light-reflectant ceiling panels. In the areas where ventilation issues were identified, the school enhanced its IEQ by installing in-ceiling air purification systems from the Armstrong® 24/7 Defend™ Portfolio to filter and purify the air. 

“Through our partnership with Armstrong in the IEQ Monitoring Program, we are able to empower schools to create safe, healthy environments in which everyone can thrive,” said Awair CEO and Co-Founder Kevin Cho. “The solutions we offer are powered by a cutting-edge platform made available to customers through the latest networking hardware and cloud technologies—and we are dedicated to leveraging this technology to improve lives and communities everywhere, be it at home, school, the workplace, or any other indoor space. Pairing Awair’s capabilities with Armstrong healthy ceilings solutions is doing exactly this by creating optimum indoor learning environments.”

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