When it comes to protecting your building envelope, it’s imperative that your structures can hold strong against punishing winds and invasive moisture. You can’t afford building products that interrupt your production schedule. Instead, your materials should help you improve design integrity, increase installation efficiency, mitigate installation risks, and achieve faster dry-in.


Building Confidence in Your Building Envelope

Building envelope components should work together to help protect against water intrusion and mitigate the risk of unwanted air movement. That’s why architects, consultants, general contractors, and installers are increasingly turning to a gypsum sheathing integrated with a water-resistive barrier and air barrier (WRB/AB).

Along with the benefit of a quick and easy installation in all weather conditions, an integrated WRB/AB can help result in faster job completion. 

The Elements of a Gypsum-Based WRB/AB

Streamlining the installation of the building envelope starts with an integrated gypsum sheathing that is tested and approved to also perform as the water-resistive barrier and air barrier when joints and seams are properly sealed with system-approved products. Sealing joints, seams, and sheathing fasteners with products like a liquid flashing creates continuity in the system and helps to protect against air leakage and water intrusion.

Systems may also include additional compatible products like a transition membrane, which allows for transition to adjacent surfaces, and liquid-applied barriers to complete the entire WRB/AB system when substrates other than gypsum sheathing may be on the project (such as with concrete masonry units). Integrated WRB systems can be used behind most of today’s popular cladding types. 


Easy Installation Means Faster to Done

A quality integrated gypsum sheathing and WRB/AB system will resist moisture and wind while giving you the added benefit of speeding up construction.

With the WRB/AB being integrated with the sheathing, the installation process can be more efficient than putting up an additional mechanically fastened building wrap, self-adhered membrane, or liquid-applied WRB/AB product. The liquid flashing can be applied in most weather conditions, even in wet weather, and cures quickly. All of this helps to simplify the installation and build a better building envelope in a fraction of the time.

The Benefits of Onsite Technical Support

When it comes to the completion of a successful project, onsite support can be just as crucial as a strong system. Choose a partner who puts you first, providing onsite, step-by-step training that ensures your team gains the comfort and familiarity they need to complete the building envelope with confidence.


A Quality System from the Brand You Trust 

Finding the right products for the job is easy when you stay focused on efficiency, value, and brand reputation. That’s why architects, consultants, general contractors, and installers trust DensElement® Barrier System with DensDefy™ Products from Georgia-Pacific. From system compatibility to onsite technical support to single-warranty protection, it’s the WRB/AB system you can count on from the company as strong as you.