Perforated metal is commonly used for screens, obscuring a parking garage or equipment storage while providing needed ventilation. It is useful for diffusing sound and light, is environmentally friendly and affordable. Additionally, perforated metal can become a key element in your building design, offering an artistic solution as well as a practical one.

Urban Parking Deck with Modern Flair

The Charles, a luxury high-rise in Atlanta’s swanky Buckhead neighborhood, required a large parking deck that would have a frontage on the main thoroughfare, Peachtree Road. Architect Knox Jolly, senior associate with Lord Aeck Sargent in Atlanta, utilized Petersen’s 7.2 Rib panels in Weathered Zinc, perforating them and bracing them with steel I-beams that complement and emphasize the panels’ angular profiles. Creatively positioned lights provide additional visual interest to passers-by. Jolly explains, “We knew we wanted to have multiple panels that varied in depth to allow for both shadows during the day and lighting opportunities at night. The design was a balance of creating the largest possible panels while allowing the structural steel to tie back to multiple anchor points at specific building locations.”

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Utilizing the flexibility in hole size, spacing and open space percentages that perforation offers, Jolly adds, “We wanted to push the perforation ration to the minimum open area allowed by code. This allowed each screen to read more like a skin than an opening.”

“Youthful” School Façade

Architects at Team A specified PAC-CLAD 7/8” corrugated panels in charcoal to clad the exterior of a facility in an underserved neighborhood on the far west side of Chicago. The building is the home of Moving Everest Charter School, as well as after-school services and programs from By The Hand Club For Kids. The building features a unique display of supergraphic gray-scale images of happy students – actual participants in the after-school programs. Images were printed on an aluminum composite material, with PAC-CLAD corrugated perforated panels installed in front of the ACM panels to create an eye-catching visual effect.

Moving_Everest_2.jpgImage credit: Scott Bell


Moving Everest 3.jpgImage credit: Scott Bell


Team A selected the graphics to promote the brand identity of the non-profit organizations the building houses, as well as signify its dual uses. According to Joe Buehler, Team A principal, “When you’re working with non-profits, every penny counts. You try to get the most value from every component and material. We considered other manufacturers but settled on Petersen due to the local contractor’s comfort and experience with PAC-CLAD. The material is great – very cost-effective.”

Dramatic Performance    

Perforated natural copper takes center stage for Ballet Memphis, located in the city’s Overton Square entertainment district. The exterior of the building itself is composed of glass and contrasting metal that emulates a music box. A dramatic perforated copper screen sits at the historic street edge and protects a 7 ft. walkway between the screen and building. Principal Todd Walker of archimania shares, “We settled on the idea of a street-side screen early in the process. And the use of copper related well to the many older homes in the district that have copper elements. In this case, copper is not only a natural material but a historic material used in a modern way.”

Ballet MemphisCourtesy of archimania


Ballet MemphisCourtesy of archimania 


The design of the building was intended to celebrate the discipline of dance, and its focus on movement, space and time. This also made natural copper a perfect choice. Walker reflects, “We wanted to make the project dynamic and energized. The copper screen looks more solid during the day and perforated at night when lights are on behind it. Plus, the varying angles of the sun makes the copper ever-changing. And the natural patina process will change it further over time as well. I think copper adds an element that may be more dynamic than any other metal material we have used.”

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