Valspar, frontrunner in the international coil and extrusion architectural coatings industry and part of Sherwin-Williams Coil Coatings, is now a featured brand in the Sustainable Minds (SM) Transparency Catalog with its Fluropon Pure exterior architectural coating.
The objective of the SM Transparency Catalog is to create a destination where architects and others can easily find and select products for projects focused on achieving LEED and other green building ratings. As an educational marketing platform, the catalog is designed to help AECs understand what the disclosures mean and what the manufacturer is doing to create higher performing, greener products. This enables AECs to make informed decisions based on understanding the manufacturer’s technical expertise and the product’s performance.
The catalog consists of top-of-the-line building product manufacturers that are demonstrating remarkable sustainability efforts. Products in the SM Transparency Catalog must have either material or environmental disclosure documentation to be eligible for product transparency credits and criteria in LEED v4, Green Globes, Living Building Challenge, the Well Building Standard and the Collaborative for High Performance Schools.
This next generation marketing tool standardizes the presentation of results from any disclosure program (HPD, Declare, C2C, etc.) and informs better decisions by distilling disclosure data, providing context & interpretation, and describing what the manufacturer is doing to improve.
Fluropon Pure is a high-performance coating with full material disclosure and both a Declare label as well as a Health Product Declaration (HPD). At a glance, an architect can review Fluropon Pure’s full product formulation and learn that the coating:

  • is formulated without the use of LBC Red List chemicals including PFOA, hexavalent chromium, lead and phthalates,
  • meets the material ingredients disclosure requirements of all five green building rating systems that reward product transparency,
  • offers solar-reflective pigments meeting the LEED v4 Heat Island Reduction option for high-reflectance roofs,
  • and how Valspar makes the exterior architectural coating.

In addition to the sustainable assets of Fluropon Pure, it also offers the durability and weather-resistance Fluropon customers have come to expect. The 70 percent PVDF exterior architectural coating is equipped to protect structures against harsh elements, dirt, chemicals and staining. Furthermore, the color consistency and vibrancy of Fluropon Pure is nothing short of brilliant.
With its environmental efforts and unwavering durability, Fluropon Pure is the first-of-its-kind on the exterior architectural coatings market. Now featured in the Sustainable Minds Transparency Catalog, Fluropon Pure will be an easy-to-find option to help architects make informed decisions when choosing materials for future building projects.
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