IcyneneIcynene spray foam insulation

Icynene has unveiled its closed-cell medium-density spray foam insulation product: Icynene ProSeal. Offering an R-value of R7 per inch, the product will set a new benchmark in optimal thermal performance for commercial and residential construction across North America. Icynene ProSeal’s formulation allows for a higher initial pass of 3 inches, achieving R21 as well as a Class II Vapor Retarder in one pass. Furthermore, the product is suitable for use all year round. The all-season formulation is suitable for cold weather applications as low as 23 degrees Fahrenheit, plus Icynene ProSeal offers the highest application yield in the industry. The product is approved for use in Type I-V construction, meets the same commercial approvals as its predecessor, Icynene MD-C-200, and has passed ICC-ES AC377 for use in unvented attics and crawlspaces without an ignition barrier. For more information, visit www.icynene.com.